Professional Auto Detailing at an affordable price.

About 336 Detailing

Professional Auto Detailing at an affordable price. We take pride in your investment, and feel it should be cleaned and protected accordingly. 336 Detailing LLC offers anything from simple washes & waxes, all the way to paint correction & ceramic coatings. Anything you can imagine in between! Deep interior steam cleaning, carpet stain extracting, headlight restorations, wheel polishing, the list goes on and on! Needless to say we are not your average car wash & you will not receive average results. Do you want it done right now? Or do you want it done right? Say no to automatic car washes & start receiving the time, love & care your vehicles deserves.

Paint Correction

Paint correction is a term used to permanently remove below surface imperfections from a vehicles finish. This helps restore true paint color, depth (gloss) & clarity to like-new or, better than new conditions. Fine scratches, bird droppings, swirl markings, holograms, etc. Have you ever looked at your vehicle in direct sunlight and thought the color was off? Or that it looked like it was covered in series of spider webs? These are actually circular shaped, fine scratches (swirls marks) caused by improper washing & drying techniques. I offer 1 stage & 3 stage corrections depending on your budget & what results you are expecting. In some cases, said vehicle may only require a 1 stage to achieve perfection. In others, the vehicle may require more correcting to get the paint in pristine condition, this is where the 3 stage correction is needed.

A 1 step correction removes approximately 60% of swirls & fine scratches depending on the prior condition of the vehicle. The main purpose of a 1 stage is to restore shine & gloss, eliminate oxidation.

A 3 step correction removes approximately 90% of swirls & fine to heavy scratches depending on the prior condition. Since the paint will be perfect or near perfect after this service, it is highly recommended to follow up with a ceramic coating to lock in that shine & protection for years.

Regardless if you choose a 1 or 3 stage paint correction, the service will include the same jobs, plus or minus the actual stages of correcting.

What this service will include:
Foam BathThorough Hand WashClay Bar To Remove Above Surface Bonded ContaminantsFallout Remover To Remove Iron Deposits (bonded metal particles typically caused by brake dust)Paint CorrectionDegrease Wheels, Tires, Fender WellsLightly Clean Door JambsCeramic Wax Applied To All Exterior Pieces, Glass, Chrome, Wheels, EtcDress Tires

Stage 1 Paint Correction

Cars/Sedans - $250
Trucks & SUVs - $350

Stage 3 Correction

Cars/Sedans - $450
Trucks & SUVs - $600

GlassParency Glass Coating

Having trouble driving in the rain? Tired of being blinded by other driver head lights & street lights? Not only does this coating have insane hydrophobic properties, it reduces night glare, makes for super easy cleaning, protection from bugs, dirt, salt, ice, snow, etc! This can be applied to any glass surface!

What This Service Will Include:
Thorough Cleanse Of Glass Prior To ApplicationDegrease Glass To Remove All Oils & GreasesGlassParency Application3 Year Warranty
Call/Text/E-mail for a quote!

Add-on Services

Windshield & window Coating
Leather Cleaning & Conditioning $65.00/1 hr. service time (heavily soiled additional cost)
Engine Cleaning $85.00/ 1 hr. service time
Polish/ Buff $100.00/ 1.5 hrs. service time
One step paint correction $275.00/3.5 hrs. (Remove light swirls and enhancements depth, clarity, and shine / WILL NOT REMOVE HEAVY SCRATCHES OR SWIRLS)
Interior detail & carpet shampoo $150.00
Headlight restoration ( Includes 2 coats of ceramic coating for years of protection) $150.00

Headlight Restoration

Restore headlights to a like-new condition. Better visibility & safer driving! Over all improves the look of the vehicle! If you have hazy, foggy, or oxidized head lights/tail lights, look no further!

What this service will include:
Multiple Wet Sanding Stages With Various Grit LevelsCompounding & Polishing via Machine To Remove Sanding MarksCeramic Coat Lense For Durable & Long Lasting Protection
$25-$40 Per Light

Wheel Polishing

This applies to forged/aluminum wheels only. Aluminum wheels require high maintenance in order to keep them looking top notch & they should be protected accordingly. After this service is completed, your wheel will now have that smooth mirror shine!

What this service will include:
Wash & Decontaminate All Wheels3 Step Cut, Color, Polish All Wheels Via Machine PolishTopped Off With A Sealant For Protection

Face & Lip - $200
Face, Lip, Inside Spokes - $250
Face, Lip, Inside Spokes, Rear Of Wheel - $400

Face & Lip - $250
Face, Lip, Inside Spokes - $300
Face, Lip, Inside Spokes, Rear Of Wheel - $500

Face & Lip - $300
Face, Lip, Inside Spokes - $350
Face, Lip, Inside Spokes, Rear Of Wheel - $600

Debadging Emblems

Moldings & emblems can be a benefit or a con to your vehicle depending on how you look at it. Some protect your paint from door dings, rock chips, etc. But...grease, grime & water gets trapped behind the molding and has nowhere to escape! Resulting in scratches in your paint, harming the paint due to constantly being exposed from water. Don’t like the emblem the dealership left on your car when you bought it? Or just want a cleaner look to your vehicle while preserving the paint underneath? This service will benefit you tremendously!

What this service will include:
Heat Up Emblem To Safely Remove It From The VehicleRemove Adhesive Left Behind From Emblem (glue)Clay The Area To Remove Bonded Surface Contaminants Compound & Polish To Blend The PaintApply Wax For Protection
$10-$50 per emblem/molding depending on size

Jax Wax Products

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Wash & Wax Services

Wash & Ceramic Wax

Pretty straight forward, this is your typical hand wash to remove dirt, bugs, debris, bird poo, etc. From every day driving! The paint will look glossier/shinier due to the ceramic wax that is applied. This provides a layer of protection for your paint!

Wash & Ceramic Wax

What this service will include:
Foam BathThorough Hand WashDegrease Wheels, Tires, Fender WellsLightly Clean Door JambsClean Exterior WindowsCeramic Wax Applied To AllExterior Pieces, Glass, Chrome, - Wheels, EtcDress Tires

Cars/Sedans - $45
Trucks & SUVs - $60

Interior Cleaning

Basic Interior Cleaning

Just as it sounds, it’s a basic cleaning of the interior. This is primarily used for vehicles that have been maintained well & just need a minor touch to get them looking good again! This service does not include shampoo/stain extracting. That would require my “deep interior clean” package. Although, spot cleaning stains can be completed for an additional fee.

What this service will include:
Thorough Vacuuming Of Entire InteriorLightly Clean Door JambsClean Interior WindowsWipe Down Dust On All Interior PanelsDress Interior Pieces With UV - Protectant If Desired (no additional charge)

Cars/Sedans - $30
Trucks & SUVs - $45

Deep Interior Cleaning

This service is typically used for those vehicles which have not seen the TLC needed in years! If you want to feel like you bought a new car, this is the interior package you will want! Seats may be removed if necessary. These are ball park prices, the service could be more or less depending on condition/areas you need shampooed.

What this service will include:
Thorough Vacuuming Of Entire InteriorClean Door JambsClean Interior WindowsSteam CleaningArm RestsDashboardCenter ConsoleCup HoldersFloor MatsShampoo/Stain Extract All Seats, - Carpet & Floor MatsDress Interior Pieces With UVProtectant If Desired (no additional charge)

Cars/Sedans - $200
Trucks & SUVs - $300

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